In this section we would like to inform you of the general conditions that are established. Also, if you have any questions about our policies, do not hesitate to consult our support portal www.pygomic.com/soporte.

Availability of items

In case we do not have enough stock of any of the items included, you will receive an email from our customer service department in which we will inform you of the available alternatives so that you can receive your order in the shortest possible time.

If you still have any doubts about the availability of a specific item, you can contact us through the following e-mail address pedidos@pygomic.com.

In case of mixing items with different availabilities in the same order, the shipping time of the order will be that of the item with the longest shipping time.

Products that are available will be shipped within 24 hours on working days from the receipt of the order, therefore Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included in this period.

*The estimated delivery time may be altered due to circumstances beyond our control such as delays in transportation by the shipping agency, etc. During the preparation of the order (when it has not yet been shipped), the customer will have the possibility to cancel the order and ask for a refund at any time he/she wishes.


The available products will be shipped within 24 hours on working days from receipt of order, not including Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. To make the shipment must have completed the purchase of the item and received the payment correctly. Orders whose availability implies a longer delivery time will not be shipped within 24 hours.

Orders will be prepared for shipment according to stock availability, order of receipt and payment confirmation. To avoid possible delays in shipment, it is advisable to place orders well in advance.

No items will be reserved until the order process has been completed and payment has been received and confirmed.

Delivery times are effective from the time the order is shipped.

In case of mixing items with different availabilities in the same order, the shipping time of the order will be that of the item with the longest shipping time.

For orders shipped to territories outside the peninsula, it will be the customer who will be responsible for any territorial tax that may be applied.

For any transport incident, please contact us by email: pedidos@pygomic.com explaining the incident. You can attach photos in case the order is damaged.

The purchase price of each product will be fixed at the time of completion of the purchase process, so that any subsequent variation in the price of the item purchased will not affect the order.

Warranty and returns

As of January 1, 2022, products purchased on pygomic.com will have a return period of 14 days and a 3-year warranty (with the exception of reconditioned items which will have a 1-year warranty).

To return a product,it will be necessary to contact us by sending us an email to pedidos@pygomic.com indicating your desire to cancel the purchase within 14 days of receipt of the order. For more information about returns you can consult our repair, warranty and returns policy. here.

If you need after-sales assistance for an incident or need help with a product you can contact us at pedidos@pygomic.com.

Return policy for companies

These are the return conditions if you have purchased one of our products as a company or self-employed. If you are a company or business where our products are sold, please contact us at info@pygomic.com for more information as this policy does not apply.

As a general rule we do not accept returns from companies and freelancers. In the case that a return is authorized, the material must be unsealed and in perfect condition (without having been used or altered in any way). Pygomic reserves the right of return in case of any anomaly detected in the returned product. For any questions regarding the return of a product, please contact us at pedidos@pygomic.com.

Payment methods

Credit card: this is an immediate, secure and convenient payment. This operation is done through the bank so Pygomic does not store the data of the payment card. This payment method has no commission or surcharge on the price of the order.

Bank transfer: simple and convenient payment to be arranged with your own bank. Once the transfer has been made, you must send us the proof of the operation. Before shipment we will check the receipt of payment, this may delay the shipment because the transfer may take several days to be made (depending on the banks).


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