Why use daytime running lights on your bicycle?

First of all, what are daytime running lights for bicycles?

Daytime running lights for bicycles are lights designed to make the cyclist more visible during the day and are equivalent to the already common daytime running lights of cars. In order to make the cyclist more visible even during the day, these lights have high power and a specific optic.

Visibility, the main reason for daytime running lights

When riding, weather conditions are not always perfect, with clear skies, shady areas, trees and bushes, curves, rain or even fog, so that sometimes the cyclist can be camouflaged with the landscape and not be easily recognized by other vehicles.

According to several studies on daytime running lights, a vehicle driving without dipped headlights during the day is perceived at less than half the distance of a vehicle driving with its lights on. For this reason, it is now mandatory for all new cars in Europe to be fitted with these lights as standard. For all these reasons, the best and most advisable is to use daytime running lights that make us visible in any situation and at any time, regardless of the weather conditions.

Daytime running lights in city and bike lanes

These lights are suitable for city and bike lanes, as they provide extra visibility during the day to attract the attention of other vehicles and passers-by and prevent accidents. In addition, they have specific low-power modes for use at night, which is important for not disturbing other vehicles and avoiding glare.


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