«The bicycle is a force of change. From transportation to competition, cycling contributes to sustainability and improves the lives of everyone it touches. This personal enhancement and contribution to sustainability is at the heart of our mission.»

Champion´s philosophy.

We are not interested in bringing out cheaper products that will not improve the existing ones, instead, we prefer to improve the existing ones so that they will always be among the best in their category. That is why we focus on making our P1 lights the best in the market.

The future of lights.

Daytime running lights significantly increase the visibility of vehicles, thus avoiding potential accidents and are so important that it is mandatory for all new cars in Europe to have them as standard. Given its importance, we believe that every cyclist should use this type of light, and for this reason we have designed our P1 lights, bet on them and focus on improving them and making them more accessible every day.

By people for people.

In every light we design, we look for ways to innovate, squeezing each component to achieve the greatest versatility. We focus on the functional, keeping in mind that they can be used by anyone. We make sure that they are there, discreetly, doing their job in the simplest, safest and most comfortable way possible so that the user simply enjoys the ride.

Our roots.

We carry out the design, product development and assembly in Spain. In this way we manage to control the entire production chain, from the conception of a product to the finished product. Thus, we perform a total control of the quality of our devices, ensuring that each and every one leaves our facilities to perfection.


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